Hot mystery: Gh¢ 7 billion expenditure by NDC gov’t discovered by Dr Bawumia

Vice president, Mahamadu Bawumia has made a shocking revelation of a leaking debt crisis the Mahama administration failed to make known during the transition process.

Bawumia uncovers mystery Gh¢ 7 billion debt by NDC

The expenditure, rolling into the billions of cedis ( Gh¢7billion to be specific) was finally uncovered when the new government was investigating specific information regarding all public finances during the years 2014, 2015 and 2016.

“Where have they been hiding all these years and how are you supposed to manage an economy with faulty data. Getting the data right is really very key because it throws the entire budget into disarray. Because you are going into 2017 and suddenly you are told that by the way there is Ghc 7 billion that you have to pay next year that you didn’t anticipate, this is the reality,” the vice president quizzed at a forum in Accra.

The NPP government has revealed that the erstwhile Mahama administration left a “bleeding economy” upon losing the 2016 general election – a development which begs the question of whether or not government will be strictly cutting down on spending in order to defray and refinance these debts.

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